• FAQ's

  • How does D.S. work without soap?
    D.S. uses a solution that has all natural degreasers and water softeners dissolve and emulsify contaminants and soil. Then its extracted in a two step process. This will leave no soapy, sticky, residue in your carpets.

    Is it safe for children and pets?
    Yes, it is non-toxic, odor free and has no enzymes that eat protein (our skin)!

    How Fast will my carpets dry?
    In most cases 1-2 Hours.

    Can I stop spots from re-occurring?
    Yes you can! D.S. is formulated with ZERO soap therefore it has ZERO residue. What that means for you is that there is no soapy residue on your carpet fibers that attract other soils.

    Why does my carpet rapidly resoil in traffic lanes?
    There may be an insufficient amount of matting at the facility’s entrance to trap or scrape off the foreign debris on people’s shoes before it gets into a facility. If there are mats in place, are they properly cleaned and vacuumed on a frequent basis? Also, residue in carpets left behind by improper extraction techniques.

    What is wicking and why does it occur?
    It is the process by which liquid is drawn up through an object by way of capillary action. Reappearing spots and rapid resoiling can both be results of wicking. These are spots which have apparently been removed but which reappear, either upon drying or over time. A spot remover is used to get rid of a spot. The remover is designed to detach the soil from the fiber and suspend the soil in its liquid state. Then, through a removal process like blotting or a hand held extractor, the spotting agent and the soil are removed. However, if all the liquid is not removed, the soil remains suspended. Over a short period of time, the liquid is drawn up the carpet fiber along with the soil. When the liquid reaches the top of the strand, it evaporates leaving behind the soil which creates a reappearing spot.

    What can I use to disinfect my carpet?
    Currently, there are no approved methods to disinfect three dimensional surfaces, like carpet and fabrics, only sanitize these surfaces. Sanitization refers to the reduction of bacteria present, while disinfection refers to killing all organisms on a surface.

    What stains can D. S. take out of my carpet or upholstery?
    D.S. removes some of the toughest stains such as coffee, make-up, (some)pet stains, food stains and much, much more. {remember, The most important part in removing a stain in your carpet or upholstery is getting to the stain quickly}